Mobile application for displaced Ukrainians

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Information services

There are several resources available in the application that can help displaced Ukrainians receive assistance within Ukraine or in a new country.

These are housing and shelters, humanitarian aid, medical institutions and doctors, job offers, necessary documents for legalizing stay in the country and assistance in obtaining them.

Each of the categories has its own structure and allows you to quickly and efficiently select exactly the object that interests the user, find out detailed information and, of course, contact representatives.

In the service sections, it is possible to see the location of objects on the map. For the convenience of the user, by default, the map displays all objects within the selected country.

For the convenience of the user, it is also possible to display objects in the form of a list, which is formed depending on how far the objects are from the user, provided that geolocation is enabled.

It is possible to sort the data for each specific city or additional parameters that are in a specific service section using a filter.