helping those who lost their everything

Baranova 27 Village

On February 24th, Russia began its assault on Ukrainian cities leaving millions of regular people running for their lives. The unfortunate reality for many is that there are no more homes or cities to go back to.

Determined to find a solution, Baranova27 has launched its latest endeavor, “The Baranova 27 Villages” project.

our plans

In “Baranova 27 Villages” first round, the organization will be helping 40 displaced Ukrainians finally have a safe place to shelter and start getting their families back on their feet.

The village

These modern custom homes were designed with care to provide the comfort of home to Ukrainians who were forced to flee their apartments and houses.

They are arranged into a neighborhood-like village to help maintain a sense of community.

The house

Interiors include sleeping quarters, kitchens, bathrooms, and a living room area.

Each will be fully furnished and stocked with food, clothing, and household supplies by Baranova 27, all sourced by crowdfunding efforts and goods donations by generous donors like you.

help us
with meeting our goal

Baranova 27’s new goal, with GoFundMe, reflects this new initiative and has therefore been increased to $500,000.